About Navy Lanier


It always seems impossible ... until it's done!  Navy Lanier, Inc. proves that the impossible can be accomplished.  Difficult and meaningful will always bring more satisfaction than easy and meaningless.  Excellence is apparent in everything we do, and enjoying this amazing journey called life is what we strive to bring to you.


We all want to leave our mark on this world - to know that our lives mattered.  Leaving a legacy means putting a stamp on the future, and making a contribution to future generations.  We challenge ourselves daily on how our contributions to the world makes it a better place.  Capture the essence of who you are by sharing life lessons, values, accomplishments and hopes.  Leave your Legacy.


Nothing in life is ever accomplished without passion.  Passion is energy.   Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.  Take time to enjoy the small moments of love, intimacy, passion and care that helps to shape a beautiful life.  Love is immortal and it lives through expression.  Therefore, express deep and true love and appreciate its presence in life.